Aphena Ltd - creators of SoftPlot

Thank you for visiting our web site. Aphena Ltd has a range of services and products on offer. Our most popular off-the-shelf products are showcased here, including our SoftPlot Measurement Presentation software, which extracts measurement traces from GPIB test equipment to put into reports and EDA software.

The main theme running through all our products is making test equipment more productive. We have a selection of utilities for connecting PCs to test equipment via GPIB, LAN or RS-232 that allow them to be controlled, and the measurements they make to be extracted.

For those involved in RF and Microwave, visit our download area and pick up our handy FREE utilities and demonstration software. Most of our products can be downloaded in an evaluation version, so you may try them out before you buy them. Do send us any feedback you have, and do visit our site again soon for details of updates and offers.

Getting in Contact...

Aphena Ltd. is the company brand name for all software products that were previously sold by P&H Technology Consultants. We made the transition on 1st September 2003 to the new name.