TestWave for AWR Design Environment (Cadence-AWR)

TestWave is a third-party add-in for the Cadence-AWR Design Environment, which allows measured data from many types of test equipment to be incorporated in circuit and system simulations. Some types of data can also be exported to test equipment from the simulator.

TestWave has two main parts, an Instrument Interface Wizard, and a collection of schematic elements that can be used in VSS system simulations. A third part, "SoftPlot for TestWave", is the executable that contains the instrument drivers, and this can be run independently for measurement documentation purposes. Lastly, "RemoteControl for TestWave" is a measurement scripting program that can be used to automate tests and instrument configuration. It can be used as a VSS block or standalone or coupled to SoftPlot.

TestWave works with RF and microwave test equipment from manufacturers such as: Anritsu Wiltron, Rohde & Schwarz, Marconi Instruments, Fluke/Philips, Tektronix, Boonton, LeCroy, Yokogawa, IFR, Wandel & Goltermann, Advantest, Keysight / Hewlett Packard / Agilent Technologies. Equipment types supported include, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, modulation analyzers and oscilloscopes.

1. TestWave Instrument Interface for the AWR Design Environment

This part of TestWave is used primarily to import measurements from test equipment into the simulator. Small-signal s-parameters can be captured from network analyzers. Spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope waveform measurements can also be imported. Modulation measurements in IQ format can be acquired from vector signal analyzers, and bi-directional transfer is possible with vector signal generators equipped with an arbitrary waveform buffer (ARB).

2. TestWave Schematic Elements for Visual System Simulator (VSS)

Interfaces between the simulation environment and real-world RF signals can be achieved using TestWave and IQ-based test equipment. Since VSS simulations are time-domain in nature, fresh sampled data can be constantly downloaded to a vector signal generator, and successive captured data can be uploaded from vector signal analyzers back into the simulator.

3. SoftPlot for TestWave

SoftPlot for TestWave is a separate executable that usually runs in the background, controlled by the TestWave user interfaces. It manages the GPIB, Serial, LAN and VISA connections to the instruments, and contains all the instrument-specific drivers. It can also be run independently for documenting RF measurements.

4. RemoteControl

RemoteControl is a separate executable used by the TESTWAVE_REMCTRL VSS block to execute GPIB scripts as part of a VSS simulation. RemoteControl can also be run as a standalone program, and it allows you to create a GPIB instruction sequence (or "script") to configure test equipment to make measurements. It can be used to automate often-used instrument set-ups (like an internal instrument state store), or it can be used to program measurement sweeps and data collection. Its flexibility and power is comparable with a simple programming language. Full documentation for RemoteControl is provided in remctrl.chm.

An evaluation copy of TestWave can be downloaded from our Download Area. To activate the full instrument transfer functionality a password is required. This can be obtained by sending us an e-mail at


You will also need a GPIB interface from National Instruments or Keysight to make instrument transfers.

TestWave can be purchased from us or our local representatives (see Representation) or at our web store. The price includes one full year of maintenance and postage and package.


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