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SoftPlot - Feature Summary


Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Modulation Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Arbitrary waveform generators and Vector Signal Generators.

Chart Types

Cartesian- linear and log, Polar, Smith, Admittance Smith, Eye Diagram, Vector Modulation (Cartesian, polar, rotated), Constellation, Nichols, Antenna Polar, Code Domain Power.

Graph Data Formats

Linear magn, Log magn, re/im, VSWR, Phase, Group Delay, Unwrapped Phase, Impedance (re/im/mag), Inductance, Capacitance, Series/Parallel Quality Factor.

Data Storage

16 complex trace stores, arbitrary number of points (limited by available system RAM). Each trace store has associated trace label, trace notes and data analysis table. SoftPlot +Plus+ additionally has 100 trace stores with either shared or independent X-axis values.


Up to 100 markers and/or delta markers

Limit lines

Up to 100 arbitrary line segments for limits testing


Up to 2 independent vertical scales


Electrical delay, Smoothing, Magnitude and Phase offset, Magnitude Slope

Trace maths

+, -, /, x, Log, Magn, Phase, Square-root, Anti-Log, Group Delay, Derivative, Mismatch loss factor, Rollet''s Stability Factor K, Stability Factor B, Edwards-Sinsky Stability Mu, Max Unilateral power gain, Max Available Gain, Max Stable Gain, Z0 Renormalisation, No. of Bit Differences, Max Value, Min Value, Standard 3 or 4 port S-Parameters to Mixed Mode S-Parameters, Timebase Delay, Smoothing, Wraparound Smoothing, Pair of Scalar traces to Complex trace, Complex Reflection to VSWR, Complex Refl to impedance, dB Reflection to VSWR, mW to dBm, dBm to mW, T-Check quotient, Convert S21 measurement of shunt component to S11, Sorting Ascending/Descending, Antenna Signal Envelope Correlation, Real part, Imaginary part, Complex conjugate, Merge data, Resample data onto new X-axis, Unwrapped Phase, De-embedding 2-port S-Parameters, Envelope of RF Signal, Standard 2-port to Differential 1-port S-Parameters.

Data Editing

Trace data can be edited, cut, copied and pasted in the Table view


Measurement template files. Copy attributes from template files, such as limits, markers, annotation, graticule

Integrated Interfaces:

OLE2 Linking and Embedding Server (for Word, PowerPoint, etc) :- double - click in the document to begin editing.

COM (ActiveX Automation) and DDE Server (for automated operation with test system software)

File Formats:

(all bi-directional)

SoftPlot (*.SPT), MIPlot (*.MPT), Keysight EEsof, Cadence-AWR MW Office, Eagleware GENESYS (*.S1P.. S4P), Ansoft Super Compact (*.FLP), Spreadsheet (*.CSV), Tab Delimited (*.TXT), MathCad (*.PRN), Citifile (*.F??,D??), BMP, TIFF, JPEG, WMF, EMF, PNG, MatLab (*.MAT)

SoftPlot - Instruments Supported

Network Analyzers

Advantest R3753H, R3764/65/66/67H, R3765/67G series, R3860A, R3770, R3768

Anritsu Wiltron 360, 371xx/372xx/373xx, MS20XXC VNA Master, MS3401A/B, MS462XX, MS4630B, VectorStar MS4640A, Site Master SxxxA/B series, S820E Microwave Site Master, ShockLine MS46122A/B / MS46322A/B / MS4652XA/B, 54xxA/541xxA/56100A series scalar analyzers

Copper Mountain Technologies Planar 304/1, 804/1, 1300/1, S5048, S7530

Hioki IM3570

Hewlett - Packard 3577A, 3589A, 8510, 8711-14B/C, ES, ET, 8751/52/53, 8720 series, E5100A/B; 4195, 4395A, 4396A/B Network/Spectrum Analyzer 4192A, 4194A, 4284A, 4291A/B, 4294A, E4991 Impedance Analyzer 8756, 8757 Scalar Analyzer, 8903A/B Audio Analyzer 4145A/B, 4155/56 Semiconductor Param. Analyzers 4280 Capacitance Meter; 4352B VCO / PLL Signal Analyzer

Keysight/Agilent E5061/62/63/70/71A/B/C, E5080A ENA, E835XA/B/C, E836XA/B/C, N522XA, N523XA, N524XA PNA, PNA-X Series, FieldFox (N9912A..N9938A)

Marconi Instruments / IFR / Aeroflex / Cobham 6210 reflection analyzer, 6200, 6800 series Microwave Test Sets

Rohde & Schwarz ZVA/ZVB/ZVT series, ZVH, ZVL, ZVR/ZVC/ZVM/ZVK series, ZNB/ ZNBT/ ZNC/ZND series

Wiltron 560A / 6600 Scalar Analyzer system

Wayne Kerr 6500B Impedance Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzers

Advantest R3131/3132/3162, R3261/3361, R3265/3271, R3267/3273, R3463/3465, R3671/81, U3641, U3751, U3771, U3772, U4941, R4131 series, TR4135

Aeroflex / Cobham / IFR / Marconi Instruments AN940, IFR2394, 2395, 2397, 2398, 2399, 2399A/B/C, 3250, 3280, 6800, 8800/8800S series

Ando AQ6317 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Anritsu MS2602, MS2650/60, MS2665C, MS2667C, MS2668C, MS2702, MS2802, MS2830, MS612A, MS2711A/B/D, MS2721A/B, MS272XC/T MT8801B Radio Comms Analyzer, MT8220 UMTS Master MS9030A (MV02) Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Hewlett - Packard 3561A, 3562A, 35660, 35665, 35670A, 3582, 3585, 3588/89A, 4195, 4395A, 4396A/B , 8542E / 8546A, 8560/1/2/3/4/5, 8566A/B, 8568A/B, 8569B, 8590 series, HP8594EM EMI Receiver; 70000 series8920/22 Wireless Comms Test Set

Keysight / Agilent / HP CSA, E44XXA/B ESA-E, ESA-L, PSA, E7400, CXA, EXA, MXA, MXE, PXA, UXA series, L1500A, N9912A-N9938AE5052A Signal Source Analyzer8960 Wireless Comms Test Set (GSM), 89600 series, N9340 Series

LG Precision SA-9270 / SA-7270

Marconi Instruments 2380 and 2390 series; 2945 series (spectrum only), 2965 series (graphical displays only)

Rohde & Schwarz ESMI, ESCI, ESCS, ESIB, ESU, ETL, FSA/B/M, FSE, FSG, FSH (opt K1), FSIQ, FSL, FSP, FSQ, FSU, FSUP,FSV, FSW FS-K40 phase noise option CMS50 series (spectrum analyzer display only) CMD55/65, CMU200 (3GPP FDD/GSM/EDGE/Btooth), CMU300 (GSM/EDGE)

Scientific Atlanta SD385

Tektronix 2711/2712, 2714/2715, 492P/AP/BP, 494P, RSA3303A/08A, RSA5100B, RSA6106A/RSA6114A, RSA306 (via SignalVu-PC)

Willtek/Aeroflex 9100 Series

Modulation Analyzers

Advantest R3264/3267/3273 (Opt62 3GPP), R3671/81 (Opt50 3GPP, Opt68 OFDM, Opt59 IEEE802.11b/g)

Anritsu MS269XA, MS2830A, MS8604A, MS8608A/MS8609A Transmitter Tester MT8820A Radio Comms Analyzer, MT8852A Bluetooth Analyzer

Hewlett Packard 53310 modulation domain analyzer 5372A Frequency / Time Interval Analyzer 71500/70820A Microwave transition analyzer 5361B Counter

Keysight / Agilent / HP 89400, 8981B, E4406, ESA, EXA, MXA, PSA, PXA, UXA, 89600A/B VSA

IFR / Marconi Instruments 2310 Tetra modulation analyzer, 2319E RF Digitiser

Pendulum CNT-80 / 81 / 85; CNT-90 / 91 / 91R / 91XL Counter

Rohde & Schwarz AMIQ ARB (Memory Buffer), FSE series with Digital Demodulation option B7, FSIQ, FSIQ-B70, FSP-B70, FSG/FSP/FSQ/ FSU/FSV/FSW IQ Capture, FSIQ-K72 WCDMA Analysis, FS-K70, FS-K40 options FS-K96 OFDM analysis RTO-K11 (IQ decimation option)

Tektronix WCA230A/280A, RSA5100B, RSA6106A/RSA6114A

Wandel & Goltermann PCM-4 PCM channel test set

Vector Signal Generators and Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Anritsu MG3700A, MS269xA opt020, MS2830A opt020/1

Keysight / Agilent / HP EESG-B (4433-4437B) Option UND ARB Memory ESG-C (4438C), PSG ARB Memory, EXG N517XBMXG N5182A with Option 651/652/654, MXG N518XB, M8190A Arb

IFR 3410 with ARB Memory (Opt 005)

Keithley 2910 Vector Signal Generator (Opt 2910-ARB)

Rohde & Schwarz AMIQ / SMIQ / SMJ / SMBV / SMU / SMW ARB Memory

Tektronix AWG2021 Arb (Opt 02 dual channel), AWG400/500/600/710, AFG3000, AWG5000/ 7000/B series, TSG4100

Thurlby-Thandar TGA12100 Arb


Fluke/Philips PM3350/55/65/75 Series,PM338XA/PM339XA CombiScope Series

Hameg HMO352x, HMO2524, HMO72x .. HMO202x

Keysight / Agilent / HP DSO3000, DSO5000, MSO6000, DSO7000, MSO7000, MSO8000, DSO9000, 90000 Series, 54111/12D, 54120 Series, 54200, 54502A, 54520/40C, 54600/1/2/3, 54610/15/16, 54621/22/24A/D, 54641/2/4A/D, 54645A/D, 54750, 548XXA, 80000 Infiniium, 83480, InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series, 3000 X-Series, 4000 X-Series, S Series DSO/MSO, V Series DSO/MSO

LeCroy LC300/LC500/9300, WaveRunner/WaveMaster/WavePro, SDA, DDA Series

Rigol DS6000 series

Rohde & Schwarz RTB , RTO, RTE

Tektronix 11000 / DSA60x / CSA Digitiser, TDS 200 to 800 series, TBS 2000, TDS1000/2000/3000/4000/5000/8000, TDS3000B, DPO/MSO2000B, DPO/MSO3000, MDO 3000, DPO 4000, MSO/DPO 5000, DPO7000, DPO70000, DSA70000, 2220, 2230, 2232, 2432A, 2440, 7D20, 7854 SCD1000 / SCD5000 Transient Recorder

Yokogawa DL1520/DL1540, DL1740 / DL7100 / DL7200, DL750 / DL750P / DL850 / DL850V Series


Boonton 4400 / 4500 Peak Power Meter

Keysight/Agilent EPM-P Series Power Meter, N8972/3/4/5A NFA Series Noise Figure Meter 66319B/D, 66321B/D Series PSU

Hewlett Packard HP8970A/B Noise Figure Meter; HP 8990/8991 Peak Power Analyzer; HP 85719A Noise Figure Card in HP859XE; HP 85671A Phase Noise Card in HP8560/90

Rohde & Schwarz NRP xxS(N) sensor family

SoftPlot - Hardware Requirements

Minimum system requirement

PC running Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista, 2000.

GPIB card

(Note SoftPlot can also use RS-232, VISA and LAN sockets if the instrument supports it)

National Instruments (, type PC-IIA, AT-GPIB/TNT, PCI-GPIB, PCMCIA-GPIB, GPIB-USB-A/B/HS or equivalent

Agilent / Hewlett-Packard 82335, 82340, 82341, 82350, 82357A/B

MCC / ComputerBoards Inc. GPIB card (, type ISA-GPIB, ISA-GPIB/LC, ISA-GPIB-PC2A, PCI-GPIB, PCM-GPIB

IC Select inc. ( 488-USB, 488-USB2


Prologix ( GPIB-USB 4.2, GPIB-Ethernet 1.2 or higher

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