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SoftPlot is a PC Windows application for RF and Microwave engineers with the ability to capture test equipment measurement data using its integral drivers. Unlike GPIB-based test software, SoftPlot requires no programming to use it. Simple controls enable the user to extract data and create the desired graphical representation. Once captured, SoftPlot allows traces to be scaled and formatted off-line for optimum presentation and then be embedded into documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Furthermore the data can also be exported to popular CAD and Maths packages for simulation and advanced processing.

A full feature set is provided as standard including markers, test limits, trace maths and text annotation. SoftPlot can capture data from spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, modulation analyzers and oscilloscopes from the major manufacturers including Advantest, Anritsu, Keysight, Aeroflex, Rhode and Schwarz and Tektronix.

SoftPlot 9 improves on the already extensive feature set found in SoftPlot 8 and expands even further the range of instruments supported.

A new licencing mode is available with SoftPlot 9. A floating licence server is now available to permit a limited set of licences to be shared within an enterprise. Fixed licences are still available, and upgrading from earlier versions does not affect your licence status.

The user interface has been updated, with new functionality such as repeated sweep captures. Support has been added for GPS tagging of results, and support for IQ downloads to signal generators.

Apprximately 300 instrument drivers are incorporated into SoftPlot 9, making it the most comprehensive product in its class.

SoftPlot 9 is available from stock at 900 + VAT, which includes 1 year maintenance. A National Instruments or Agilent GPIB card, or equivalent, may be required for instrument data transfers and must be purchased separately.

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